Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Raw Life and my Weight loss Journey

Tools I Will Use To Lose Weight

1)     MIRROR….Take a good look at yourself in a full length mirror… are you happy with what you see? If you are ready to change you must start right now, because by tomorrow you may find an excuse and if you really want to change you will start right now… Be Honest with yourself!!
2)    PEDOMETER…    Get yourself a good pedometer… Just put it on and get moving.  I find a pedometer a good motivator, you want to get those extra steps by using the stairs or parking farther away from stores and walking… get moving and you can get the recommended 10,000 steps a day…..Broken down into one long walk 10,000 steps is equal to about 4-5 miles a day depending on your stride length.  Work your way up to a 30 minute walk 5 days a week… It is so doable just get moving!!!
3)    JOURNAL… Get a journal or even a small notebook.  Every day write down how many steps you took, what other exercise you did, time spent exercising, how hard did you exercise and what you ate for the whole day.  I do this just before I go to bed. I write down my weight for the day and then reflect on my day.  Things that went well and things not so well that I want to do better.  If you are honest and write down your food choices it is easier to track what may be holding back from losing weight!!
4)    BREAKFAST… most people who struggle with weight do not eat breakfast. You must give your body a healthy start to the day. A healthy Breakfast will give your metabolism a jump start and get you ready for a calorie burning day. If you skip breakfast your body will go into a starvation mode.  Your metabolism will slow down. This happens because your body needs to store everything it takes in for the future when you will again skip meals. When you do eat again your body prepares for that starvation time by storing a large amount of fat. You really need to start the day out right and get the energy you need for the calorie burning day ahead. I still am not a breakfast eater, so I drink a juice with greens like kale and other yummies in my drink in the A.M.~
5)    WATER…Water will help your body to function properly.  Water is the elixir of the Gods.  Drinking 8 glasses a day will clean out your system and move food through your body more quickly.  Drinking Cold water actually burns calories. Drink water before meals it will help to fill you up and force you to eat less at meals.  If you go out to a restaurant drink a large glass of water before you even order, trust me you will order a smaller meal!!!
6)    HEALTHY SNACKS… Every morning a cut up a bowl of fruit for the day a head.  I cut 1 large apple, 4 strawberries, ½ cup of blueberries... I use whatever fruit I can find.  I then cover this fruit and keep it in the refrigerator for the day.  I snack on this fruit all day.  When I need a quick bite it is there and ready for me.  When I go out on a long run or bike ride I bring baggy of fruit with me for snacking. When you go out shopping or whatever bring this fruit with you and if you are out and need a snack you have a healthy one and will not be tempted by fast food or unhealthy easy foods. Go out prepared with a good food choice at your finger tips!!!
7)    NUTS…  I love nuts.  They are easy to store and to carry.  Almonds and Walnuts are a great source of omega 3s.    Natural unsalted all the varieties that grow on trees, what an easy healthy snack.  I usually eat nuts as a mid day snack they really curb hunger.  I suggest eating a small handful 10-12nuts for a good snack.
8)    VITAMINS… I take a few different vitamins.  I take a multi vitamin and then a cocktail of vitamins/supplements that I feel may be lacking in my diet.   I live in the Pacific NW and we don’t get a lot of sun so I feel that it is really import to take Vitamin D.  I take 2000 IU daily.
9)    NO FOOD FOR 3 HOURS BEFORE BED… This was one of the first things I did to change my life.  I started losing just by not eating before bed. If you have reflux problems, this will help alleviate this problem.  It is so easy to do. If you go to bed at 11:00, don’t eat after 8:00PM!!
10)   MARK ERASE BOARD… I have a mark erase board in my kitchen.  I write positive affirmations to myself, words of inspiration or goals. . Be positive and believe in yourself!!
11)  SMALL ATTAINABLE GOALS.. If you say I need to lose 100 pounds, it will seem so hard and just so unattainable. If you say I need to lose 100 pounds and you lose 5-or-10 pounds you may feel like wow I only lost 5 pounds I  have 47 to go, well I can start eating now and I will start losing tomorrow(and we know that tomorrow doesn’t work, do it now). It is so much better to set small goals say like 10 pounds. When you reach that goal give yourself a reward, a new shirt, shoes something, then set your next goal maybe now you will say my goal is 20 pounds and wow you are already half way there!!
12)  IPOD/NANO…    I love my IPod.  My husband surprised me with the NEW  color Nook from Barnes and Noble,so when I am out and about I read Raw food books and I put all of that in my head!  It is a great motivator when I am out and about.
13)TIME FOR YOUR SELF… As a mother I never took time for myself.  I was just happy living life through my children’s eyes.  I learned through this process that in order to be a good mother or wife I needed to be good to me first.  If I am not a me how can we be an us? Take time for yourself every day. You are important. Find your joy in life and live it! Be the best you to yourself only then can you be the best wife, mother and person. Life is a gift and live every moment to its fullest!!!

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