Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello long lost me is back!!!!!!!! Day 2 of Juicing!

Her is a new video of Me again after 1 year . I made this short and sweet video explaining me and my reason for being gone.I won't make videos daily ,but I will share a big part of my journey .........

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3rd day of my 2nd half of my 60-90 day juice feasting!!

I just started checking My PH( 6.75) and am happy to
say I am right in the middle and that is great 

Todays easy juice 

results from the above ingredients.The tall glass was ful
l but I drank some before this photo!

Ingredients to todays red drink you see in the below jar

Today is my NEW day 3 of my new juicing and all is good as said I made a weird juice and if you watch my video you will get the ingredients. This green juice was the one I was drinking and just to show the color difference

Ok here is the red juice ingredients:

RED JUICE with ---Red lettuce,1/4 red cabbage,1/2 cilantro, 5 small radishes,2 handfuls spinach,broccoli stem, small orange pepper, sunchoke, ginger,garlic. 
I made these juices today after first making my green juice and realizing that something was not right when using my Omega 8006 juicer. My ingredients were not coming out the end of the machine ,so I ended up using my Vita-mix. I then cleaned both machines and then had no problem making the red juice you see in this photo above using my Omega 8006. Something must not have been put together right. My hubby did it -
Blame it on him :-)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ----reboot the body ------ a few fall backs but back on track-

It's a New year and a new girl will emerge in the year 2012 that is a promise. I am doing great and with a few minor no no's the body is Detoxing and I am happy with my progression. Here is my new Photo entry for Raw Food Rehab Weight room results beginning and ending in 2 months for our new measurements to be told.....YUK YUK for this photo.!
I am due for a video ,but  have been busy and today was a hectic day with a Direct TV guy at our house for 5 hours and never got the new receiver to work and the 1/2 of our day was shot. We ended up sending the fellow away and not accepting the unit and kept our older one. Oh well , but what can you do. My life will be great in 2012 that is a promise as I always say and its all good,but could be much better.

We don't party with the New Year . This is one night I rather be home and in control.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 52 of Juicing and My Birthday........and I am 53-----

Me October 2008-Before any raw eating took place

Me in the Middle of my Raw eating-I liked this photo
Gained weight- Oct 2011-Before juice feasting

52 days juicing -look at photo above with Joe Cross in Oct 2011
 1 week before I started juicing! I have a chin~ 1 chin :-)

These photos are my beginnings before any Raw Food in my life. The second photo was wearing make-up and me being fresh and loving my raw eating .Then I added cooked and no exercise and what do you think. I will tell you,I gain weight and get that fat face and pants get tight,and the cycle begins. NO MORE!!!!!
I am back to exercise,and have been and doing a great body cleanse. Keep watching the journey!

Getting a juice treat from my friend later today and we will then take a walk. It's dry outside ,so all is good.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Juice feasting Day 48 of 90-120 days........

This was day 46 of my Chaga making tea ,and why I add Cats Claw and Pau D'Arco.......

I started my day with water and MSM powder and 5 Chlorella tablets. I hate the taste if you chew them. Now Angela Stokes says she chews them (Chlorella Tablets) and said they taste like nuts. I beg to differ,I rather swallow them with water. And I will leave it at that.I do like using MSM and Chlorella tablets. I just started this protocol on Monday. I also stick with my every other day I either use Gods herbs " Detox Kit " Or the "Sweetish Bitters" by Ghia brand.
I started learning about Sweetish bitters from a nutritional gal in the Longevity Conference line in California in late Oct 2011. She detected I had digestion issues,and I have,so she said these are the best bitters. I either use The Detox Kit Tinctures Or the Sweetish Bitters EVERY OTHER day. What I do is every other day I take these but never the same in one day. I hope that makes sense. I am feeling great and I will say one thing I get tired of is having a cold body. Being cold while juicing used to be an excuse, but not any more, I muddle through this journey and don't let the season detect if I can juice or not.

 I am getting more fit as I get my exercise it at our local YMCA. Exercise has to be a part of any health regiment. Eating healthy alone won't shrink a persons body fat and I am no exception.

I also use Penni Shelton's site and have used this site from her beginnings. I get plenty of ideas and wonderful communication with like minded people. There is no judgement there as we may get from family members. We are all people wanting to eat the best food we can in order to keep our bodies in tip top shape.

Today's juices:   made 32 ounces and 1 Cup
Tomato -V-8 -- 3 Roma, 3 celery stalks,Romaine lettuce small head, 3 asparagus, small zucchini, 1/2 bunch cilantro,1/2 bunch parsley, garlic,chunk onion, small piece habanero

My second juice was a cleanse juice I really enjoy-25 ounces

 1 Cup organic grapes, 2 granny smith apples, and 1/4 of small red cabbage