Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 23 juicing only..........

Started again with water and lemon juice (fresh squeezed)with 2 MSM capsules. After my enema I made a V-8 type juice which consisted of:

 Juice today:
Large head Romaine, 1/2 bunch Parsley,1 bunch Celery,1 Cucumber, 4 Radish,1 medium Tomato, 1 Lemon, 1Garlic clove and shake of Cayenne     

My second juice :
Kale,dandelion,spinach,1 cucumber,1 carrot,lemon,ginger,1 granny smith apple

Last juice today :
coconut water , 2 grapefruit, 1 orange, and teaspoon of Vita-mineral green....This seems to curb a sweet tooth craving. Or just a nice treat while juicing

I also drink water and some Rooibos tea also while juicing.

Why am I doing some juicing and not eating ?????
 I have the desire to experience what it will feel like when we let our digestive system take a break on the hard core everyday eating,digesting and processing  of what we would normally take in  as the  form of food. I can say it is really an amazing feeling internally and externally. I have such a confidence about me that I would never normally know existed if I never took this opportunity to putting my mind into something I never thought I could or would  do before. I also have several lbs to loose lets not forget about .;-)

A new flower plant that I bought when it only had a few buds
I have tried this juice journey 3 other times and this time is really the most confident and happiest time I have experienced yet!!! Now do I have energy -Yes...I do have energy. My body really only had some minor feelings of detox--Headache the first day, some weirdness in my throat from not chewing food is what's going on now. Well I do keep my juice in my mouth before swallowing though. Some afternoons I might get a 20 minute cat nap,but that's about it. Over all I have had only a few mind thoughts of food, but daily I have a spiral notebook in which I write my thoughts down. My mind has been made up and it's a wonderful positive one. If  you keep the fresh juices made and always have juicing items on hand then the process of juicing is an exciting one. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Now a few more things I do at nighttime :
The first thing I do is Dry brush and then get a warm bath. I then have my wheat grass 1.5 hours before bed time. I take my wheat grass  before bed in order  to have plenty of tie to pee before bed......... Now that makes sense right?

That is an average day in a juicers day ........Exercise is either at the YMCA or walking outside by some water....for 1-1.5 hours sometime mid day for me too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 20 Baby ------Juicing and only juice............

Oh my what a good feeling I have in side of me and all around me. I am much happier, less stress, just overall a calm about me that I really like. I really have had no major slow downs or let downs. I think most of all I had a white tongue,and those hard white things that get in your throat that are known to make bad breath. My throat or maybe it's the back of my tongue that gives me the most icky feeling in me. Most of this journey is actually fun and exciting. I go with the flow. I choose my juices 2 days at a time in order to keep my produce fresh. I have wasted some greens by purchasing too many and they go bad before using them . And I bet this happens to many of us from time to time.

Today is a Monday morning and I will be making some morning wheatgrass first. I will also drink 32 ounces of lemon water and my vitamin D 3 10,000 I.U.( required Monday - Friday) via doctors orders..I really need it as the sun forgot to shine much this Summer 2011 here in Washington state.

I missed a few blog days because my husband and I were preparing for a garage sale and had the sale last Friday and Saturday. Saturday it rained quit hard so we basically had a Friday sale. I did sell my large bird cage to a gal that morning though so that made my Saturday and OK one~And I made $160.00 on that.

Monday Juices-------

Am-----Green juice 1 hour after wheatgrass - Spinach,Swiss chard,celery,cucumber,lemon, and ginger

Red juice of blueberries,orange, coconut water and kale

pineapple,kale,cilantro,mint,granny smith apple, lime----oh I love this combo

Raspberry -blueberry homemade Kombucha

Water water water------and More water~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 19 ...........Juicing so far

I have been so busy . We just were preparing for a garage sale and it kept me from coming on here to write. We had a sale Friday and Saturday and Saturday was horrible.....We had rain,so we stopped early.
I just don't know how some folks keep up with this blogging as it's a journal for myself but still is a priority too. I can't believe how I am doing this with ease . My mind is set and all is good.......Lot's of juices . Mostly green ones ,less fruit juices. Much better for us.

Today Sunday we have our granddaughter so it's another grey day. Now it just started raining AGAIN....Summer is not here in Washington state . It forgot to come here. I was noticing at the drug store Walgreens they have tons of fan choices as no one is buying since the weather isn't cooperating this year!! What a shame . And we wonder why people in Washington are depleted on Vitamin D.

Today I made: 

 45 ounces-Romaine,kale,dandelion,apple,lemon,ginger,

32 ounces of coconut water ,grapefruit,orange and vita-mineral-green added

16 ounces of Kale ,fennel,apple lemon and ginger

Then we planned walked around Green Lake with the granddaughter in the stroller......but it rained....AGAIN!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 15 of my Juicing.........

All I am intaking at the moment is green juices,water,tea sometimes and my own made Kombucha only maybe once a week. I just sprouted some wheatberries for some rejuvelac. I really stick with the juices first. Again today I opened my day with water  and lemon,followed by an Enema,my Detox tinctures,green juice,and water. Best way to begin a day.  I wish everyone could experience what juicing and only juicing can do for the body. Not only have I been making juices ,I have been making Kombucha  and I have a batch of Rejuvalac in my Oven (dark place). When I make Rejuvelac I make mine with the Lighter wheatberries as this is what Ann Wigmore suggests. I do not love rejuvelac but using it is great as a natural probiotic. I also take the Rejuvelac and make cheeses and I still might do that for my husband,as he likes my cheese too.

On the other hand not to confuse what Kombucha and Rejuvelac are- My husband and  I love Kombucha. As some people say Kombucha resembles beer. I will tell you I hate beer and never drink beer as I can't stand the taste. This here below Kombucha is some good stuff.
Fresh made Kombucha some has fruit in the bottles.
Now as for a Kombucha recipe I will tell you quickly our favorite tea bag combo. I use 8 tea bags Organic ones. I use 2 black teabags a 6 green tea teabags. You can do what you want but this is a great beginning mix.  Sugar is in this recipe but it gets eaten up by the fermented mushroom that is in this awesome drink.

I am so thankful that I have the power in me and the get go to do nothing at the moment but concentrate on liquids. I not only feel great I feel powerful. I get 8 hours of sleep naturally. I use no alarm clock and haven't for some time now.I absolutely so far have no desire for food -Zippo none-

What I juiced today:
 Spinach,kale,dandelion,red pepper,cilantro,parsley,ginger,1teaspoon of Hemp oil and lime 45 ounces

Butter lettuce,cucumber,celery, few kale leaves,pear,ginger, and lemon 32 ounces

Watermelon yummy-watermelon,mint and lime 12 ounces

Tons of water---
Finally had wheatgrass 1.5 hour's  before bedtime.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 13 of Juicing........

I am so strong I am impressing myself. This sounds cocky, but just know I have tried this juicing thing to last for days several times as said and then Whammy I fail. I really am loving how great I feel. I wanted to jump to yesterday Day 12-

Woke up to my usual 32 ounces of lemon squeezed water with NO MSM yet as I will be doing my Enema. But is a part of my ritual I have going. Then it will be 2 Vitamin D 5,00 I.U . tabs via doctors order as I am low on D, my Detox herbs from photo .Yep,I love those tinctures,they really make me feel full as if I had a meal,maybe that is just me but it's working for me ,no complaints
( except the taste). I personally only take these 1 time a day but you can take them 3 times a day..... I take a small glass add all the Tinctures  add 4 ounces of water and drink followed by water,then take the two (2) capsules and that is all done for me. Juice and water  throughout the day and wheat grass at night or hot tea,that is my day in a nutshell with the meals.
Ferry ride from a few days ago South of Seattle

Mount Rainier in the distance
 I put a espresso expensive machine on Craigslist and within 2 hours it was sold, gotta love Craigslist sometimes. The downside was the fellow wanted us to deliver it to Seattle and we did only because we head there all the time anyhow. I made $240.00 and I paid $700.00 maybe 10 years ago. Since going raw my espresso machine has been in a box for probably 4 years. And I don't drink lattes or coffee anymore. Coffee is one of the first things I would recommend if you want to get real raw :-). We then went to Thrive in Seattle, so I could get a fresh juice(Apple,beet,cucumber and Ginger)- and my husband ate some Thai noodle dish that he loves there. As this next weekend we are having a garage sale so it's clean out time around here. My juice gave me a nice cleanse . I hadn't made any beet juices because as said I am really sticking with lower sugar  by my choice.

Today I juiced:

Green juice of 32 ounces of -Cucumber,Celery1/2 bunch dandelion,spinach,cilantro,parsley,Fresh dill,lime, Granny smith apple and finally chunk o'ginger

Fruit juice of ----1/2 big Watermelon ,2 limes and 10 leaves of fresh MINT from my home. This made 55 ounces of juice and I drank a good amount of that.

Lots of water today too even though I went potty from all of the watermelon. I am chilling today as I am just peaceful today -not so high energy as I usually can be. Catching up on my juicefeasting .com readings that I printed and reading "The Seed".
Watermelon,mint and lime,

I need to say something- you know many people when juice feasting say at times their teeth feel gritty. I have an opposite issue. My tongue is really weird and rough as in the back of my tongue where I can't brush or use the tongue cleaner that I have. Yes it is white,( my tongue)part of the detox,but I wonder if others have had that tongue thing going on? But today day 13 my tongue is actually better,or I am simply getting used to the feeling.

Today I think a walk at the Tacoma water just might be on my menu of exercise today. End my day with Dry brushing and  a bath ,and finally a cup of war tea......Yep,that sounds like a good day!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 11 of my Juicing------

Today is Saturday and it's another beautiful sunny day. Oh my I woke and had some 
water ,had my enema,dry brushed shaved legs and all is good to go. I am feeling so damn good,I am in heaven. I have these beautiful vegetables that came out of our garden today,and I made a juice drink of  Romaine, arugula, butter lettuce( all from the garden),pear ,and apple,lemon and ginger. It had a nice color nice soft flavor too.

My hubby washed my car ,while I sat in the sun to get my 20 minutes of Vitamin D sunshine, which I require via the doctor since my body is super low on vitamin D. Speaking of doctor,my blood pressure was 120 over 27 and that is great compared to the higher of 138 over 37 I had a short 3 weeks ago. I try and check my  blood pressure weekly  now. We went into Seattle again for more of my Organic produce that my garden doesn't have.We ended up at Alki beach for a round trip walk along the water of 3 miles, and that was a good walk. Here are a few photos because Alki Beach is considered West Seattle. This is why you see the Seattle buildings across from where we walked.

Space Needle in Seattle
Mount Rainer looking South of Seattle

Since Mike and I took a Ferry ride back into Seattle to get to West Seattle and I picked up a few of those groceries thereat PCC an organic nice grocery store. We also went back to Chaco Canyon and I had another 16 oz green juice of Apple,parsley,fennel and kale
I will say after we took our walk we drove home and that was 1 hour  10 minutes and I had a 20 minute cat nap on the car ride home . I have not gotten tired any days up until today,but I know why.The reason I got tired is "THE SUN". When I am in the sun too long I get tired. But once I got home Warm bath and warm tea afterward. What better way to end the night.

When I got home (after my bath) I had warm tea with 1 Teaspoon of honey and bee pollen ,very yummy!!! What a way to end the night-warm tea........

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 10 on my juicing ...Friday

I am doing this with no hard times this go around. I am positive it's because the season is Summer and the fruits and vegi's are available more this time of the year. After I got up today I first had wheat grass as last night I forgot because I traded the tea, honey and bee pollen for the wheat grass . I woke up and had my MSM capsules with 32 ounces of lemon squeezed water and sipped for about 1 hour until it was all gone.
I also had 2 big hearloom tomatoes and one went bad so I wasted money ,but took the rest and made this loving juice: 

1large heirloom tomatoes, package of baby tomatoes,1.5 large romaine lettuce zucchini,4 stalks celery,3 leaves Swiss chard ,handful of arugula,broccoli stem, 4 asparagus ,cilantro,cut of a white onion, small red pepper,1 habanaro pepper,and get this 4 figs . I had no cucumbers or I would of added 1 cucumber to this juice. Oh,I also made this juice in my Vita-Mix today as I know tomatoes don't blend well and I simply took my nutmilk bag to make the juice. I really like this drink as I have never used habanaro. I usually use garlic or jalapeno. This is only 1 jar of my juice ,as I have another in a mason jar.
I really like this drink-I better as it made 2-TWO -(3/4 full jars :-) This makes a mucky green drink as most of the juice made with tomatoes and greens seem to do so . I am really having fun with making my own juices and making others juices. I am actually getting used to vegetable juices without fruit although I might add either 1 pear or 1 apple no matter what. The watermelon in this photo will become-Watermelon juice with lime and mint  probably tomorrow or Sunday.

Tonight the hubby and I will be taking a 1.5 hour drive in order to go see the "American Idol"contestants put on a show past Seattle up North for the drive.This should be fun. What I will do is go to  prior to the show, to have a drink of Juice and Mike will eat there too as he loves their lentil burger and he is not Vegan nor Raw. Why not as the exit is on our way to the show I will also make sure to take my own cold water in a cooler purse thing I have with mini
iceblocks. I know I am not getting as much juice in as others, but I am completely satisfied day to day. I maybe get 90 ounces of juice or less. I do drink water and now added some Ginger tea to my days.

No matter how late we get home I will have wheatgrass .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 9 of Only Juice.....

Oh my I am proud of me,and I have tried this journey at least 4 times only stopping anywhere from Day 10-Day 21, I will say I feel more in tune with who I am and what I am doing. It is a decision one has to first make up in your mind and only take 1 meal at a time or this path will not work....
Now I know I am only on Day 9 but this time I know it is working better for me this time as I feel I am in a TOTALLY  Mind Set more then any past time. I am feeling great a different and really energized so far except at day 1 when I had the headache. As I do have a slight headache this morning for a short while today -not bad though.

Here is what I do when I leave my home I make sure I take water always, a green juice second and I pretty much keep my nettle tea made at all time. Luckily I live near woods and nettles are everywhere. There is nothing like a glass of nettle tea and home grown mint~

Difference's That I feel: 
I feel really clean inside and out....Skin all over and so on 
I also feel Really at piece -No attitude
Very proud and loving

What I juiced today: and other liquid
24 ounces Nettle tea with mint
Green juice of  Tomatoes,swiss chard,celery,spinach,garlic,radish,cilantro,parsley, and lime -V-8 ish
lots of water
2 Rainer apples,(like golden delicious),butter lettuce ,2 celery stalks,small bulb of Anise, 5  leaves dino kale(Lacinato)
handful of parsley- Very sweet tooth friendly delicious juice
Recipe above with 1 extra apple added

Huge beautiful Butter lettuce,kale,parsley was from my own garden today!

Walked the water border kinda near our home and round trip was 4 miles and we will do it again .What a great walk. If I don't make it to the YMCA I make sure I walk near home or elsewhere. It really is a great way to end any given day good probiotic before bedtime too. I just so happen to have  new bottle since my other one is just about empty. I also keep these Live Probiotics in my refrigerator .

Bath,with dry brushing first. I also  have my wheat grass before bed like the 1.5 hours before crawling into bed as I talked about in the past-and  I take 2 capsules of this above photo before bedtime.

Oh I found a new tea treat idea tonight-I took 1 teaspoon of raw organic Honey and Washington bee pollen into ginger tea . I have to keep a spoon in the cup as I drink as the Bee pollen won't melt ,but great taste. In the past I also take the same teaspoon of honey and bee pollen in a Pyrex dish into a pan of warm water. What I do is slightly melt the honey and eat it all in one bite and it all dissolves into my mouth! YUMMO!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 8 Juicing.............All great!

I am trucking along on the juice thing. I really have it ,I really do FINALLY!!!!!! I absolutely have no desire to chew food and my mind is set to not think of food either at this point. Hip Hip Hooray! I am stoked. I feel so good,the sun is shining and I fell clean I mean really clean -in and out.
  You know the more I think about this journey the more I get why I really am doing it. Knowing that I grew up with everything  food wise meat included. Sadly I was brought up to eat everything on our plates as kids. I say crap on that . I will say I really never was a huge meat eater even as a child ,and could remember at Christmas for instance we always had Prime Rib ,I say So What. I ate it as we had to but never liked it and Thanks god I am now nor never was a fan of steak. Yuk I say,as I was more of a fish lover. Long story short as I grew older I chose to take a cleaner eating approach and we raised our kids with a balanced diet ,but as they got older they also chose to  eat whatever  they want. I myself really made a turn to Raw around age 49 as I am going to be 53 years young in Dec of this year. I love eating Raw /Vegan food and I feel so good doing so. Don't knock this lifestyle if you haven't tried it~

Lambs quarter from the woods
My lambs quarter juice with other stuff too

Today was another sunny 81 degree day -just beautiful......After awakening and drinking 32 ounces of water with lemon squeezed into it I made this~I made this wonderful amount of juice today from these ingredients: 2 Cup lambs quarters,4 dandelion leaves,1.5 cucumber,6 stalks celery, small romaine,1 small zucchini 2 limes, 1C. spinach 1 golden delicious apple....And this drink was not bitter either as lambs quarter is mild.

Discovering Edible Lambs Quarter Weeds
Lambs Quarters.thumbnail Surprising Lambs QuartersAs with any edible weed or wild plant don’t eat unless you are positive of its identification and that it has not been exposed to chemical sprays or pollution. So if you’re not familiar with lambs quarter refer to a good edible weed field guide or consult with someone who is familiar with the plant before eating it.
Lambs quarter can frequently be found growing in vegetable gardens, on disturbed soil, and along the fringes of fields and banks. The plants can grow to about four feet in height with multiple branches forming off of a main squarish looking central stem. Lambs quarter leaves often have a white, pollen-like substance coating their undersides.
Now the husband and I are going to give all 3 dogs outside since it is incredibly warm today and the weather is said to change tomorrow~

I always end my day with a bath and skin brushing. I also drink wheatgrass 1.5 hours before bedtime. Why 1.5 hours I don't know I just do it

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 7 of my juicing.......So Far so good.....

I started my day with an outside 3 mile walk by my home.........The day here in Washington State will be 82 outside and in this state that is wonderful.......Always a plus in my day. I start my day with water and a 1/2 of a lemon squeezed into the water with 2 MSM capsules. Enema's I only do every other day  unless I feel the need to do more days. I need to take time to juice so my first juice of this day was my Coconut water, grapefruit, orange and Vita mineral Green. Very refreshing on a warm summers day.
  As number seven is a luck number I can't imagine what will be better then concentrating and living a juicy life for a little while.

As of yesterday being that 4th of July, I can say I am proud. Why am I proud-I  will say in the past I would stay away from potlucks knowing I would most likely cave in and eat Raw at the potluck. No not this time, I really am dedicating my life right now in this moment to juicing and that is all I am doing right now. I am not however drinking all 4 quarts a day as being the standard requirement. I  have no desire for all that much liquid  and I am only 5 feet tall. I drink water too of course, and water is kinda forgotten when doing my juice. I am a big water drinker and always have been,as my body  actually craves water! Speaking of the  4th of July Raw Potluck in Seattle at an awesome Park with walking trails. I also met a gal from Penni S.'s RawfoodRebab that I had as a friend but we had never met in person before. The gal is Irina and she just joined RFRehab and I saw that she lives kinda close to where I live,so I friended her on that site. We had a great chat and I know we will be chatting and seeing one another in person as we have the same interest in many things.

I am so proud of me and I am making many juices always starting with a hearty green juice with kale or spinach as a base of my greens or a multitude of greens. I am also making most of my drinks low glycemic, as my body is not a big fan of too many natural fruit sugars.

How I feel today: I feel great but My tongue feels yucky as I am making sure I brush my tongue and use a tongue cleaner---Everyone juicing really needs one of these as our body's detox the tongue gets white and just feels terrible. I only had a headache on day1 so far as I am not complaining.........I feel and see changes in my body already. I just love juicing and wish I could tell everyone how great it feels to give our digestion system a break and see what our body eliminates when doing an enema......DONE :-)

For the rest of my day I made my V-8 Raw style juice:
tomato,basil,zucchini,spinach,kale,celery,cucumber, cilantro,jalapeno,lime ,garlic,1/2 small red pepper and pinch of sea salt and 1 teaspoon of  flax oil. This is a very nice drink very good as it's so full of yummy vegetables.I made 2 -32 ounce jars of juice this go around. I am heading to exercise at the YMCA once I read a little on my Juice feasting .com info I printed. I read every day on this to keep knowledge on juicing in my head. See Ya.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 5 of juicing........I feel great!

Amazing ,I just did an enema and its amazing what comes out on just consuming juice juice.That is all I will say,and I feel great,but not as much energy as yesterday though.
People may ask why juice when you can eat just raw food and cleanse the body. That is correct ,although I have been trying to get pure Raw into my head since Oct 2008 and everyday since then I have almost all of my meals Raw. My days  always start with a smoothie or juice,most often juice. I am a huge fan of juicing. Although I am a huge fan I somehow drop drinking juices around day 10. My last juicing was 21 days but I really know this is right -right now.
After I did my enema I took my cleansing herbs and had water I made a small 12 Ounce juice of  : Fennel,lemon,ginger and kale. I have this drink at a place in Seattle and I love fennel in any of my drinks as it it so refreshing and fennel is great for treating congestion or conjunctivitis, stimulating appetite, treating colic in infants, preventing muscle spasms, and relieving gas. The nutrients in fennel juice contain essential vitamins and minerals that promote relief for an upset stomach and it is commonly used for cancer patients after chemotherapy to help rebuild the digestive system. Fennel juice is also good for eye conditions, such as night blindness or a weak optic nerve. In addition, if you add beet juice to carrot and fennel, the efficacy of all three creates a remedy for anemia and excessive menstruation.


According to the "Juicing Forum," fennel juice contains manganese, which is nutritionally essential for helping to break down amino acids and produce energy. The Vitamins and Nutrition Center says manganese also helps nourish the brain, aids in skeletal development, and helps maintain sex hormone production and regulate blood sugar levels.
Fennel juice contains high amounts of zinc, which helps to reduce intestinal spasms and increase movement of the small intestines, according to Zinc helps to heal wounds and is also important in enzyme reactions. It is also particularly beneficial for skin health, maintaining a healthy immune system, and building resistance to infection. Regular consumption of fennel juice helps relieve skin conditions such as eczema and acne, and the zinc in fennel juice is effective for treating prostate problems, maintaining healthy liver function, developing muscle growth, and metabolizing energy, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.


According to, fennel juice is a healthy source of vitamin A and vitamin B-complex. Vitamin A is found in some plant-based foods, including fennel, which supply beta-carotene. notes that your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which has antioxidant properties that rid the body of free radicals that cause tissue and cellular damage. Vitamin B-complex, which is made up of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12; biotin, choline and inositol, plays an important role in producing energy, maintaining a healthy nervous system, assisting in proper digestion, and maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails, according to

This is why I chose to juice again:
I want to clean my colon well
love to drink juice and give my body a break for the usual digestion process.
Challenge myself in this journey
loss weight and feel great
Stay Raw once my juicing is over

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 3 of my Juicing again :-)

I am on Day 3 of my juicing and I am really hesitating on telling people about my day 3 as it seems I never get too far if I tell too early in my juicing quest too make it past the 10 days mark . I am here to say for me the fact that the sun starting shining here in Washington state that is -Western Washington helps me spark intense cleansing. And I do have a thing in my personality if the  sun is not shining I can be a bear. I know this about myself.
In order to help me juice I have my own garden off butter lettuce,romaine,kale and I also have basil,cilantro,dill, and these items are a start without having to go to the market as much. I do need to get a hold on keeping the bugs off the leaves ,as all I see there are some  some holes on my leaves in the garden. Not too happy about that at all so I need to work on a cure for that!
 After I got up and cleaned the house as I always do in my AM hours, I first made a lemon Spring  water 32 ounce drink. As I clean I drink my water. Then I do my enema, wait about 1 hour and start my juicing. I just can't see drinking juice first and then doing  an enema as I say  no thanks I say.

By the way Day 1 was good Day 2 was a headache day and today is energy in me. I know every day is a different feeling and I am taking my 1 day at a time I have to practice what I believe in.

my mid day juice was:
1 lg. cucumber,cilantro (handful), 4 leaves of butter lettuce,big handful spinach,small romaine,4 kale leaves, 3 lg. celery stalks, 2 limes,1/2 red pepper, 2 pear and 1 apple. Usually I don't add so many fruits but I had a feeling this might be a bitter drink if I didn't lighten the flavor and I loved the lightness this 52 ounce drank became.

My Dinner hour Juice: A VEGETABLE DRINK2 heirloom tomatoes,basil, 5 celery stalks, jalapeno,zucchini, 3 kale leaves,cilantro,parsley, mint (not a vegi) and lime.

I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 1/2 hour walked down a private long road outside where I live at that is a round trip with the outside walk of almost 3 miles and that walk takes 1.5 miles with a few sections of walking up hill.

How I feel todayI feel really clean and energized inside and out today. No worries no attitude,as I know I get some low crabby days on the juicing experience. I feel comfortable,not cold as I sometimes get all over. It is a warmer day outside too.

A part of me really needs to stay juicing ,I have tried and stopped much sooner in the past then I want to this go around. With being a part of "RawFoodRehab" and watching and hearing of other peoples  journeys, you would think I could really get over the head game inside of me .I think I have to fight the fight inside much better then I have in the past. I mean the International Day Of Juice feasting will be here in Sept 2011 here in My neck of the woods~and Penni will be here. Can I get it together before then and I say YES!!