Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 23 juicing only..........

Started again with water and lemon juice (fresh squeezed)with 2 MSM capsules. After my enema I made a V-8 type juice which consisted of:

 Juice today:
Large head Romaine, 1/2 bunch Parsley,1 bunch Celery,1 Cucumber, 4 Radish,1 medium Tomato, 1 Lemon, 1Garlic clove and shake of Cayenne     

My second juice :
Kale,dandelion,spinach,1 cucumber,1 carrot,lemon,ginger,1 granny smith apple

Last juice today :
coconut water , 2 grapefruit, 1 orange, and teaspoon of Vita-mineral green....This seems to curb a sweet tooth craving. Or just a nice treat while juicing

I also drink water and some Rooibos tea also while juicing.

Why am I doing some juicing and not eating ?????
 I have the desire to experience what it will feel like when we let our digestive system take a break on the hard core everyday eating,digesting and processing  of what we would normally take in  as the  form of food. I can say it is really an amazing feeling internally and externally. I have such a confidence about me that I would never normally know existed if I never took this opportunity to putting my mind into something I never thought I could or would  do before. I also have several lbs to loose lets not forget about .;-)

A new flower plant that I bought when it only had a few buds
I have tried this juice journey 3 other times and this time is really the most confident and happiest time I have experienced yet!!! Now do I have energy -Yes...I do have energy. My body really only had some minor feelings of detox--Headache the first day, some weirdness in my throat from not chewing food is what's going on now. Well I do keep my juice in my mouth before swallowing though. Some afternoons I might get a 20 minute cat nap,but that's about it. Over all I have had only a few mind thoughts of food, but daily I have a spiral notebook in which I write my thoughts down. My mind has been made up and it's a wonderful positive one. If  you keep the fresh juices made and always have juicing items on hand then the process of juicing is an exciting one. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Now a few more things I do at nighttime :
The first thing I do is Dry brush and then get a warm bath. I then have my wheat grass 1.5 hours before bed time. I take my wheat grass  before bed in order  to have plenty of tie to pee before bed......... Now that makes sense right?

That is an average day in a juicers day ........Exercise is either at the YMCA or walking outside by some water....for 1-1.5 hours sometime mid day for me too.

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bitt said...

you are strong girl! maybe i will bring my kava root infusion for you to try. it's really good stuff. fun to try new drinks while juicing.