Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 20 Baby ------Juicing and only juice............

Oh my what a good feeling I have in side of me and all around me. I am much happier, less stress, just overall a calm about me that I really like. I really have had no major slow downs or let downs. I think most of all I had a white tongue,and those hard white things that get in your throat that are known to make bad breath. My throat or maybe it's the back of my tongue that gives me the most icky feeling in me. Most of this journey is actually fun and exciting. I go with the flow. I choose my juices 2 days at a time in order to keep my produce fresh. I have wasted some greens by purchasing too many and they go bad before using them . And I bet this happens to many of us from time to time.

Today is a Monday morning and I will be making some morning wheatgrass first. I will also drink 32 ounces of lemon water and my vitamin D 3 10,000 I.U.( required Monday - Friday) via doctors orders..I really need it as the sun forgot to shine much this Summer 2011 here in Washington state.

I missed a few blog days because my husband and I were preparing for a garage sale and had the sale last Friday and Saturday. Saturday it rained quit hard so we basically had a Friday sale. I did sell my large bird cage to a gal that morning though so that made my Saturday and OK one~And I made $160.00 on that.

Monday Juices-------

Am-----Green juice 1 hour after wheatgrass - Spinach,Swiss chard,celery,cucumber,lemon, and ginger

Red juice of blueberries,orange, coconut water and kale

pineapple,kale,cilantro,mint,granny smith apple, lime----oh I love this combo

Raspberry -blueberry homemade Kombucha

Water water water------and More water~

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bitt said...

last weekend must have been a hard one to have a sale. glad you made out ok. i have to take more vitamin D too. :-(