Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 19 ...........Juicing so far

I have been so busy . We just were preparing for a garage sale and it kept me from coming on here to write. We had a sale Friday and Saturday and Saturday was horrible.....We had rain,so we stopped early.
I just don't know how some folks keep up with this blogging as it's a journal for myself but still is a priority too. I can't believe how I am doing this with ease . My mind is set and all is good.......Lot's of juices . Mostly green ones ,less fruit juices. Much better for us.

Today Sunday we have our granddaughter so it's another grey day. Now it just started raining AGAIN....Summer is not here in Washington state . It forgot to come here. I was noticing at the drug store Walgreens they have tons of fan choices as no one is buying since the weather isn't cooperating this year!! What a shame . And we wonder why people in Washington are depleted on Vitamin D.

Today I made: 

 45 ounces-Romaine,kale,dandelion,apple,lemon,ginger,

32 ounces of coconut water ,grapefruit,orange and vita-mineral-green added

16 ounces of Kale ,fennel,apple lemon and ginger

Then we planned walked around Green Lake with the granddaughter in the stroller......but it rained....AGAIN!!!!

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