Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 15 of my Juicing.........

All I am intaking at the moment is green juices,water,tea sometimes and my own made Kombucha only maybe once a week. I just sprouted some wheatberries for some rejuvelac. I really stick with the juices first. Again today I opened my day with water  and lemon,followed by an Enema,my Detox tinctures,green juice,and water. Best way to begin a day.  I wish everyone could experience what juicing and only juicing can do for the body. Not only have I been making juices ,I have been making Kombucha  and I have a batch of Rejuvalac in my Oven (dark place). When I make Rejuvelac I make mine with the Lighter wheatberries as this is what Ann Wigmore suggests. I do not love rejuvelac but using it is great as a natural probiotic. I also take the Rejuvelac and make cheeses and I still might do that for my husband,as he likes my cheese too.

On the other hand not to confuse what Kombucha and Rejuvelac are- My husband and  I love Kombucha. As some people say Kombucha resembles beer. I will tell you I hate beer and never drink beer as I can't stand the taste. This here below Kombucha is some good stuff.
Fresh made Kombucha some has fruit in the bottles.
Now as for a Kombucha recipe I will tell you quickly our favorite tea bag combo. I use 8 tea bags Organic ones. I use 2 black teabags a 6 green tea teabags. You can do what you want but this is a great beginning mix.  Sugar is in this recipe but it gets eaten up by the fermented mushroom that is in this awesome drink.

I am so thankful that I have the power in me and the get go to do nothing at the moment but concentrate on liquids. I not only feel great I feel powerful. I get 8 hours of sleep naturally. I use no alarm clock and haven't for some time now.I absolutely so far have no desire for food -Zippo none-

What I juiced today:
 Spinach,kale,dandelion,red pepper,cilantro,parsley,ginger,1teaspoon of Hemp oil and lime 45 ounces

Butter lettuce,cucumber,celery, few kale leaves,pear,ginger, and lemon 32 ounces

Watermelon yummy-watermelon,mint and lime 12 ounces

Tons of water---
Finally had wheatgrass 1.5 hour's  before bedtime.

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