Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 13 of Juicing........

I am so strong I am impressing myself. This sounds cocky, but just know I have tried this juicing thing to last for days several times as said and then Whammy I fail. I really am loving how great I feel. I wanted to jump to yesterday Day 12-

Woke up to my usual 32 ounces of lemon squeezed water with NO MSM yet as I will be doing my Enema. But is a part of my ritual I have going. Then it will be 2 Vitamin D 5,00 I.U . tabs via doctors order as I am low on D, my Detox herbs from photo .Yep,I love those tinctures,they really make me feel full as if I had a meal,maybe that is just me but it's working for me ,no complaints
( except the taste). I personally only take these 1 time a day but you can take them 3 times a day..... I take a small glass add all the Tinctures  add 4 ounces of water and drink followed by water,then take the two (2) capsules and that is all done for me. Juice and water  throughout the day and wheat grass at night or hot tea,that is my day in a nutshell with the meals.
Ferry ride from a few days ago South of Seattle

Mount Rainier in the distance
 I put a espresso expensive machine on Craigslist and within 2 hours it was sold, gotta love Craigslist sometimes. The downside was the fellow wanted us to deliver it to Seattle and we did only because we head there all the time anyhow. I made $240.00 and I paid $700.00 maybe 10 years ago. Since going raw my espresso machine has been in a box for probably 4 years. And I don't drink lattes or coffee anymore. Coffee is one of the first things I would recommend if you want to get real raw :-). We then went to Thrive in Seattle, so I could get a fresh juice(Apple,beet,cucumber and Ginger)- and my husband ate some Thai noodle dish that he loves there. As this next weekend we are having a garage sale so it's clean out time around here. My juice gave me a nice cleanse . I hadn't made any beet juices because as said I am really sticking with lower sugar  by my choice.

Today I juiced:

Green juice of 32 ounces of -Cucumber,Celery1/2 bunch dandelion,spinach,cilantro,parsley,Fresh dill,lime, Granny smith apple and finally chunk o'ginger

Fruit juice of ----1/2 big Watermelon ,2 limes and 10 leaves of fresh MINT from my home. This made 55 ounces of juice and I drank a good amount of that.

Lots of water today too even though I went potty from all of the watermelon. I am chilling today as I am just peaceful today -not so high energy as I usually can be. Catching up on my juicefeasting .com readings that I printed and reading "The Seed".
Watermelon,mint and lime,

I need to say something- you know many people when juice feasting say at times their teeth feel gritty. I have an opposite issue. My tongue is really weird and rough as in the back of my tongue where I can't brush or use the tongue cleaner that I have. Yes it is white,( my tongue)part of the detox,but I wonder if others have had that tongue thing going on? But today day 13 my tongue is actually better,or I am simply getting used to the feeling.

Today I think a walk at the Tacoma water just might be on my menu of exercise today. End my day with Dry brushing and  a bath ,and finally a cup of war tea......Yep,that sounds like a good day!


Mouq said...

Hey Dianne, love reading your journey. I just started a juice feast and am on day 2. What's your detox kit? Very happy for you!!!

DianneRawGirl said...

The detox kit is found at
Now it cost $176.00 but well worth it. Keep on juicing. Are you a part of any raw site? It is great encouragement

bitt said...

HI Dianne,
I am detoxing a bit this week too. Not to your extreme though. Adding in lots more water. Hope it helps me.

I remember having funny feeling on my teeth when juicing. Like they were hairy. I hated that.

Keep on juicin'!!