Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 11 of my Juicing------

Today is Saturday and it's another beautiful sunny day. Oh my I woke and had some 
water ,had my enema,dry brushed shaved legs and all is good to go. I am feeling so damn good,I am in heaven. I have these beautiful vegetables that came out of our garden today,and I made a juice drink of  Romaine, arugula, butter lettuce( all from the garden),pear ,and apple,lemon and ginger. It had a nice color nice soft flavor too.

My hubby washed my car ,while I sat in the sun to get my 20 minutes of Vitamin D sunshine, which I require via the doctor since my body is super low on vitamin D. Speaking of doctor,my blood pressure was 120 over 27 and that is great compared to the higher of 138 over 37 I had a short 3 weeks ago. I try and check my  blood pressure weekly  now. We went into Seattle again for more of my Organic produce that my garden doesn't have.We ended up at Alki beach for a round trip walk along the water of 3 miles, and that was a good walk. Here are a few photos because Alki Beach is considered West Seattle. This is why you see the Seattle buildings across from where we walked.

Space Needle in Seattle
Mount Rainer looking South of Seattle

Since Mike and I took a Ferry ride back into Seattle to get to West Seattle and I picked up a few of those groceries thereat PCC an organic nice grocery store. We also went back to Chaco Canyon and I had another 16 oz green juice of Apple,parsley,fennel and kale
I will say after we took our walk we drove home and that was 1 hour  10 minutes and I had a 20 minute cat nap on the car ride home . I have not gotten tired any days up until today,but I know why.The reason I got tired is "THE SUN". When I am in the sun too long I get tired. But once I got home Warm bath and warm tea afterward. What better way to end the night.

When I got home (after my bath) I had warm tea with 1 Teaspoon of honey and bee pollen ,very yummy!!! What a way to end the night-warm tea........

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