Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 9 of Only Juice.....

Oh my I am proud of me,and I have tried this journey at least 4 times only stopping anywhere from Day 10-Day 21, I will say I feel more in tune with who I am and what I am doing. It is a decision one has to first make up in your mind and only take 1 meal at a time or this path will not work....
Now I know I am only on Day 9 but this time I know it is working better for me this time as I feel I am in a TOTALLY  Mind Set more then any past time. I am feeling great a different and really energized so far except at day 1 when I had the headache. As I do have a slight headache this morning for a short while today -not bad though.

Here is what I do when I leave my home I make sure I take water always, a green juice second and I pretty much keep my nettle tea made at all time. Luckily I live near woods and nettles are everywhere. There is nothing like a glass of nettle tea and home grown mint~

Difference's That I feel: 
I feel really clean inside and out....Skin all over and so on 
I also feel Really at piece -No attitude
Very proud and loving

What I juiced today: and other liquid
24 ounces Nettle tea with mint
Green juice of  Tomatoes,swiss chard,celery,spinach,garlic,radish,cilantro,parsley, and lime -V-8 ish
lots of water
2 Rainer apples,(like golden delicious),butter lettuce ,2 celery stalks,small bulb of Anise, 5  leaves dino kale(Lacinato)
handful of parsley- Very sweet tooth friendly delicious juice
Recipe above with 1 extra apple added

Huge beautiful Butter lettuce,kale,parsley was from my own garden today!

Walked the water border kinda near our home and round trip was 4 miles and we will do it again .What a great walk. If I don't make it to the YMCA I make sure I walk near home or elsewhere. It really is a great way to end any given day good probiotic before bedtime too. I just so happen to have  new bottle since my other one is just about empty. I also keep these Live Probiotics in my refrigerator .

Bath,with dry brushing first. I also  have my wheat grass before bed like the 1.5 hours before crawling into bed as I talked about in the past-and  I take 2 capsules of this above photo before bedtime.

Oh I found a new tea treat idea tonight-I took 1 teaspoon of raw organic Honey and Washington bee pollen into ginger tea . I have to keep a spoon in the cup as I drink as the Bee pollen won't melt ,but great taste. In the past I also take the same teaspoon of honey and bee pollen in a Pyrex dish into a pan of warm water. What I do is slightly melt the honey and eat it all in one bite and it all dissolves into my mouth! YUMMO!!!

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