Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 7 of my juicing.......So Far so good.....

I started my day with an outside 3 mile walk by my home.........The day here in Washington State will be 82 outside and in this state that is wonderful.......Always a plus in my day. I start my day with water and a 1/2 of a lemon squeezed into the water with 2 MSM capsules. Enema's I only do every other day  unless I feel the need to do more days. I need to take time to juice so my first juice of this day was my Coconut water, grapefruit, orange and Vita mineral Green. Very refreshing on a warm summers day.
  As number seven is a luck number I can't imagine what will be better then concentrating and living a juicy life for a little while.

As of yesterday being that 4th of July, I can say I am proud. Why am I proud-I  will say in the past I would stay away from potlucks knowing I would most likely cave in and eat Raw at the potluck. No not this time, I really am dedicating my life right now in this moment to juicing and that is all I am doing right now. I am not however drinking all 4 quarts a day as being the standard requirement. I  have no desire for all that much liquid  and I am only 5 feet tall. I drink water too of course, and water is kinda forgotten when doing my juice. I am a big water drinker and always have been,as my body  actually craves water! Speaking of the  4th of July Raw Potluck in Seattle at an awesome Park with walking trails. I also met a gal from Penni S.'s RawfoodRebab that I had as a friend but we had never met in person before. The gal is Irina and she just joined RFRehab and I saw that she lives kinda close to where I live,so I friended her on that site. We had a great chat and I know we will be chatting and seeing one another in person as we have the same interest in many things.

I am so proud of me and I am making many juices always starting with a hearty green juice with kale or spinach as a base of my greens or a multitude of greens. I am also making most of my drinks low glycemic, as my body is not a big fan of too many natural fruit sugars.

How I feel today: I feel great but My tongue feels yucky as I am making sure I brush my tongue and use a tongue cleaner---Everyone juicing really needs one of these as our body's detox the tongue gets white and just feels terrible. I only had a headache on day1 so far as I am not complaining.........I feel and see changes in my body already. I just love juicing and wish I could tell everyone how great it feels to give our digestion system a break and see what our body eliminates when doing an enema......DONE :-)

For the rest of my day I made my V-8 Raw style juice:
tomato,basil,zucchini,spinach,kale,celery,cucumber, cilantro,jalapeno,lime ,garlic,1/2 small red pepper and pinch of sea salt and 1 teaspoon of  flax oil. This is a very nice drink very good as it's so full of yummy vegetables.I made 2 -32 ounce jars of juice this go around. I am heading to exercise at the YMCA once I read a little on my Juice feasting .com info I printed. I read every day on this to keep knowledge on juicing in my head. See Ya.

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bitt said...

i like the looks of that juicer. where did you get it?