Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ----reboot the body ------ a few fall backs but back on track-

It's a New year and a new girl will emerge in the year 2012 that is a promise. I am doing great and with a few minor no no's the body is Detoxing and I am happy with my progression. Here is my new Photo entry for Raw Food Rehab Weight room results beginning and ending in 2 months for our new measurements to be told.....YUK YUK for this photo.!
I am due for a video ,but  have been busy and today was a hectic day with a Direct TV guy at our house for 5 hours and never got the new receiver to work and the 1/2 of our day was shot. We ended up sending the fellow away and not accepting the unit and kept our older one. Oh well , but what can you do. My life will be great in 2012 that is a promise as I always say and its all good,but could be much better.

We don't party with the New Year . This is one night I rather be home and in control.

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bitt said...

Looking good Dianne! I have wanted to go into the weight room for support but don't want to take the pictures, etc. Keep it going, cheering you on!