Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 52 of Juicing and My Birthday........and I am 53-----

Me October 2008-Before any raw eating took place

Me in the Middle of my Raw eating-I liked this photo
Gained weight- Oct 2011-Before juice feasting

52 days juicing -look at photo above with Joe Cross in Oct 2011
 1 week before I started juicing! I have a chin~ 1 chin :-)

These photos are my beginnings before any Raw Food in my life. The second photo was wearing make-up and me being fresh and loving my raw eating .Then I added cooked and no exercise and what do you think. I will tell you,I gain weight and get that fat face and pants get tight,and the cycle begins. NO MORE!!!!!
I am back to exercise,and have been and doing a great body cleanse. Keep watching the journey!

Getting a juice treat from my friend later today and we will then take a walk. It's dry outside ,so all is good.

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bitt said...

looking great! it's interesting, after just a few days of only raw my face looks less puffy. i am sure it's not weight loss really, just less inflammation. it's amazing what it can do!