Thursday, January 5, 2012

3rd day of my 2nd half of my 60-90 day juice feasting!!

I just started checking My PH( 6.75) and am happy to
say I am right in the middle and that is great 

Todays easy juice 

results from the above ingredients.The tall glass was ful
l but I drank some before this photo!

Ingredients to todays red drink you see in the below jar

Today is my NEW day 3 of my new juicing and all is good as said I made a weird juice and if you watch my video you will get the ingredients. This green juice was the one I was drinking and just to show the color difference

Ok here is the red juice ingredients:

RED JUICE with ---Red lettuce,1/4 red cabbage,1/2 cilantro, 5 small radishes,2 handfuls spinach,broccoli stem, small orange pepper, sunchoke, ginger,garlic. 
I made these juices today after first making my green juice and realizing that something was not right when using my Omega 8006 juicer. My ingredients were not coming out the end of the machine ,so I ended up using my Vita-mix. I then cleaned both machines and then had no problem making the red juice you see in this photo above using my Omega 8006. Something must not have been put together right. My hubby did it -
Blame it on him :-)


bitt said...

I am scared of cabbage juice but maybe with all the other stuff it tastes ok. i had a bad experience with it once.

heather told me she is doing a juice feast. you should connect

Mouq said...

Happy New Year! Happy feasting, still reading your journey :)

Mouq said...

You still juicing? I check in on you once in a while to awe at your progress and cheer you on. Amazing gift you have given yourself!