Wednesday, November 3, 2010

17th Day of Juice feasting

One of the best ways to improve your diet is to start juicing.

The raw eating is great but Juicing is better for your body

When the liquid is extracted from the fruits or vegetables, it becomes a highly concentrated source of fantastic cleansing nutrition. It can be rapidly assimilated by your digestive system and your body does not waste much energy in processing the juice. Because your body absorbs the nutrients in the juice so quickly, you will soon feel a boost of energy shortly after taking the drink.
Having said that, eating fruits and vegetables in the whole form is still an extremely good source of nutrients in your diet. The point is that juicing, even once a day, is the best thing to do. An energy packed juice drink really gives your body an energy boost.

What is a good juicer when doing a cleanse?

These days you can do a lot of juicing using an inexpensive machine. You can buy a decent juicer for less than $200 or a more expensive model will over $2,000. I started with a used Champion Juicer,but I found that greens don't work well with a Champion~Champion juicer is one of the first juicers you should consider if you’ve ever thought about buying a juicer.

The Champion model has been manufactured and continually improved upon since 1955.

A lot of newer juicer companies will try to sell you with hype about various benefits that only their juicers have, but with continual research and development on one product since 1955, it’s presumably safe to say that if anyone know the best way to juice, it’s Champion.

Champion juicers are laughably easy to use. You don’t need to be the slightest bit mechanically-inclined to disassemble or reassemble it, as there are no tricky bolts, screws or clamps you’ll have to deal with.

Cleaning it is easier than cleaning other juicers, as a great deal of the pulp is ejected out of the machine into a disposable bag while you’re juicing.

The Champion machine is more versatile than several other juicers on the market today. This juicer can do more than just make fresh juice. Ice cream, baby foods, sauces even nut butters and delicious fruit smoothies are just some of the other natural and healthy things you can make at home with this juicer.

Champion juicer parts are among the most powerful and durable on the market. It’s heavy-duty, industrial strength motor is backed by an unheard of 3-year warranty. The other juicing parts boast an even better 5-year warranty

After year I changed over to the Breville Juicer-In my opinion The breville is fast and takes whole cucumbers,and other whole smaller fruits and vegetables ,but the pulp is not as small or dry as I prefer.

The Breville Juice Fountain boasts several features that other popular juice extractor brands (like Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer) simply don’t have.
Perhaps the best part though, is that you can get this juicer for about $30 cheaper than the other popular models on the market.
A top feature that Breville juicers have is a powerful 3/4 horsepower motor. This motor is 600 watts and has a maximum speed of 14,500 rpm’s.
The fact that the Breville model has a motor that is much more powerful than other juicers ensures that it’ll never bog down no matter what kind of vegetable or fruit you’re juicing.

I am wanting to purchasing a Greenstar. I want to have my juice with pulp that will come out of the machine dry with my Breville I feel the produce results are wasted and not small and dry when extracted. I want to make my money go farther ,so the more juice extracted the better.

What I Juiced today... After My AM warm water,lemon and 2 MSM capsules,

Vitamin A, B-12,Bee tablet,C ,D, 2 Klameth Lake Kelp capsules. I take all Vitamins listed above after my first juice of the day

I Made 3 quarts of This combination:

1 Large Romaine ( 2 smaller)

12 Dinosaur kale -- also known as Lacinato Kale

12 dandelion leaves

1 fennel bulb

4 radish

2 cucumbers

1 bunch parsley

2 pear 2 apple

1 red pepper

2 burdock root (6 " long)

2 handful of cherry tomatoes

1 jalapeno

and last but not least 1 Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi, Jalapeno came out of my own garden

End of the evening dry skin brush ,bath,reading and a little TV time........


bitt said...

The main problem with the Breville is the quality of juice not being as good. I prefer to use a masticating juicer so I can store my juice. i juice twice as much as I want so i can have some the next day.

A lot of people who have Green Stars are annoyed by them because they are so big and hard to clean. The hurom is wonderful, you should think about it.

Anonymous said...

first of all i want to say i have been watching your videos and totally agree with everything you are saying about the body and eating/drinking raw fruits and vegtables. sure wish i had a friend around here to help me and motivate me that i can see and talk to.. everyone around here will drop out on ya and is not very serious about their health. so it is hard.. well ok here it goes. i live in texas.. i am about a month away from having the gastric sleeve surgery. i weigh 278 and am 27. in all honestly i dont want the surgery. my insurance is paying for it. i just wish there were some other way. and i am sure that juicing is the way. only one problem. i do not have the money for a good juicer. i have been doing research on juicers and see that there are different ones that juice fruit and ones that are for vegtables. i wish i had both and would love to also have or make the hydraulic juicer the one that you jack up and press the pulp.. those are awesome i saw.. i have this problem and am wondering if there is any way if you know some people that would take up a offering or collection for me so you can help me get a juicer so i can try this before i let these people cut on me. i am disabled cause of a sleep disorder which is from my obesity and cannot work. please if you can help me it would surely be a blessing please pass the message on to your friends on here and in the world thank you and God bless. i will send u my info if you are willing to help me thanks

Anonymous said...

oh my email is