Tuesday, November 2, 2010

16th Juice feast day ...What a Great Day

What a most Beautiful Day!

First let me start by saying I am glad you are here. Whether you are transitioning into 100% Raw or just wanting to incorporate more Raw living foods into your diet, I am excited and I hope you are too .
Eating raw and living foods will change your life. I have seen people improve their health, heal themselves, lose weight, regain their youthful energy and lose their emotional addiction to food. Eating raw and living foods can heal the mind, body and spirit. You can heal yourself from all kinds of chronic and acute diseases. You can lose weight and feel younger than you have ever felt with in a few weeks.
So now that I have you on the edge of your seat. I bet you are asking, “How do I get started”? Throughout most of my life I have gone back and forth between vegetarian and the standard American diet. After watching the transformation of the woman who had gone raw for 30 days. I decided to try eating Raw and Living foods for two weeks.
I want a 100% raw life so bad. In my first two weeks with juicing I felt my body detoxing. I spent hours on-line gathering information about eating raw foods. As the two weeks progressed my energy grew and grew. On the 14th day, I got a surge of energy, and realized I couldn't’t go back. I still have have to lose approx. 35 pound to lose. I feel better then I ever have in my life. When you decide to start eating a raw and living foods you need to educate yourself. Everyone has a different opinion on whether or not to go 100% immediately or to transition slowly. I believe you have to listen to your body and do what is right for you. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. It is not only carrots and celery sticks. There are wonderful dishes and great desserts. By educating yourself you will learn how to create meals that are exciting and satisfying. I have gathered different un-cookbooks, got recipes on line and now I can create things on my own.I have family members who would think this is a crazy way to eat ,but then again meat is a staple for them….UM,gross~

Raw food provides the cleanest, most assimilable, highest levels of nutrition possible.

Okay,here are the main reasons eating raw food is the best thing ever.

1. Life force

The sun energy that is enclosed in food is still present when we don't cook it. This is the life force that animates us. When we eat significant quantities of energetically charged plants, our bodies have the energy to heal themselves and give us plenty of energy along with a clear mind and greater presence. We are what we eat. When we eat vibrantly alive foods, we become vibrantly alive. There is a saying in Chinese herbology that states that the subtle energy of the food we eat becomes our mind.

This is an image of a broccoli before and after being cooked.

2. Enzymes

Cooked food is devoid of enzymes and uses a lot of energy and resources to digest and it depletes the body's enzyme reserves.

Raw food comes with its own enzymes that would otherwise be used to decompose the plant. This adds to the enzyme reserve. The body needs less energy to digest raw plants and vitality is greatly increases.


Much of the nutrition is destroyed by heating. Plants have the perfect balance of nutrients for the body to fully absorb them and make use of it all, unlike the toxic supplements that are mostly eliminated. Need vitamin C? Eat a few oranges. Superfoods like Goji berries and Cacao are extremely packed with nutrients. Need to build your bones? Eat greens. Don't have nano-bacteria packed calcium supplements!

They are clean and cleansing

Unlike cooked foods that clog the body, raw foods burn cleanly and help the body to cleanse itself. When transitioning the body will go through a detox period in which all of the accumulated waste in the lymph and cells are released and eliminated. Detoxing is unpleasant but it's definitely better out than in! Do no be alarmed if detoxing takes a long time as there is four times the amount of lymph in our body as there is blood. Your patience will be greatly rewarded.

Sleep and Productivity

I want to reduced my sleeping time from 7-8 hours to approximately 6 hours. This would give me a few extra hours of extra time to achieve my goals and create the life I want! Maybe I can get up get the house cleaned, dogs fed ,and off to exercise on a daily schedule. When we think about the effect that our small choices can have on the people around us, just think how much of a difference we can make by choosing to live as effectively
y as possible in every area!

6. Health of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

I have made it clear that eating raw will significantly improve your physical vitality, but the body doesn't work independently from the rest of you! The healthier your body, the clearer your mind, the more emotionally free you are and the more your consciousness can grow to accommodate new perspectives. Along with this transformation, you will be better able to succeed in sport or other activities in the physical world. You will know better how to live effectively and learn with less effort. You will find your relationships improving now that your emotional system is clearing (I recommend daily emotional processing to cultivate helpful emotional responses instead of limiting emotionally help beliefs). You will be in a positive mood almost all of the time. Love that is All becomes more apparent and immanent as we tune in to His/Her activity in the Cosmos and we naturally, joyfully participate in Love of Life on Earth.

Every action is a brush stroke on the canvas of our lives. People see the picture we paint and others are either inspired or infected. Everyone has an influence on the course of history and so it is our responsibility to paint a beautiful picture. Do not allow where you are to stop you from going where you could be. Infuse every day with passion and take delight in of all the simple miracles that make up every part of this glorious gift we call our Life. Honor your body for it isn't your possession to do with as you please as your health has an impact on everyone. The human race needs you, right now, to contribute all that you are.

The Daily Juice Journal:
Water all Day long- Warm water with 2 MSM Capsules

Get Lucky Green Juice

6-8 leaves of romaine
handful of dandelion greens
6 stalks of celery
1/2 cucumber
2-3 granny smith apples
1 lime, peeled—————-This is the juice I started my day with today

Then around 3 pm after all my vitamins I made another green low glycemic juice. I made another 2 quarts Kale,dandelion,red pepper,cucumber,zucchini,tomatoes,jalapeno,and garlic juice.

Some warm tea in the evening after I went for a nice evening walk with my husband.

Although the day is beautiful with the calm chilly,sunshiny day and I am doing my juice thing,something later in the day came over me as frustration. More tea and I was OK again.

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