Monday, November 22, 2010

Yep, messed up my weekend and ate non raw......Starting my juicing all over

What in the world am I doing to myself . I  over and over feel like a person that is not strong enough to think Raw/Vegan and only Raw/Vegan. I think mentally I am saying oh a little won't hurt me and low and behold I cheat and give in. I won't say what I did ,but I know I did wrong and now I feel like crap in my tummy.
You can almost always know I am a bad girl,when I avoid my own blog. My blog is a structured place for me to say my piece in becoming a betterin  raw foodie person as I know most always that I am and continue and strive to be, and to make better choices and learn from my mistakes. I am honest with myself and know better what is right verses wrong. I don't claim to be perfect ,but sure get angry with myself for letting my mind take a new direction. And the direction is a negative one. With this being said,I am a better me today then I was this past weekend. I will continue to stay raw,that is a given.

Things in my future days I will concentrate on:

* Don't let  the cold weather get me down

*Use my spiral notebook for journaling  -DAILY-don't forget

*Buy juice groceries 3 days in advance for 3 days of juicing

*Make sure my vegetable soup broth is always made and not run out

*Always drink no less then 70 ounces of water per day

*Drink decaf tea in the evening and take my probiotic caps before bed

I feel much better that I said my piece today......

Here is a few photos look outsing ide of my front door today. Snow is beautiful, however I don't want to be a part of it.

By the way I  water fasted in my first half of the day today Monday. My day started with a Salt Water Flush in order to rid some toxins and  to make the tummy get back to where it needs to be. My second half of my day was a pure green juice with NO apple or other sweet fruit. I used a red pepper to sweeten my green juice today.

32 ounces -Cucumber,celery,cilantro,parsley,red pepper, 1 carrot,lemon,ginger.
And I do feel way better.......A new Day 1 today!!!!


Phoenix's Muse said...

I've had some set-backs as well. It's hard to go 100% raw right away.

I've been telling people lately who want to make the change, but have trouble committing: For every new raw recipe you learn and love, commit to giving up something you no longer feel attached to, something you KNOW is bad for you. I love teaching friends how to make raw dishes and sharing recipes for raw pies, and sharing smoothies with others. Time and time again people say, "You're right, this IS way better than ______" (soda, coffee, conventional cake, etc.)

You'll make it. You're strong.

Silly question... How many glasses of water (approximately) is 70 ounces?

DianneRawGirl said...

Yes, I started raw 2 years ago, but I really love my raw juicing,but I want to know it's ok to drink homemade vegi broth with winter,and I am in a cold winter area. And 70 ounces of water is 8.5 cups at the least.