Tuesday, November 16, 2010

7th Day of Juicing

I want to start by saying we had our first official nasty wind storm with overturned trees and power outages all over. Our own power went out at 8:39 pm last night and didn't return on until 4:23 am yes A.M. In my case wind whipped as close as 40-50 MPH at times ,that is some scary stuff, with  pine needles and branches all over the place.That's why I never had anything said yesterday,because I was going to write at night on my blog ,but had no power. And speaking of no power. We went to bed at 10:40 pm since I read a book and turned sleepy. It was great to go to bed earlier then my usual midnight time.

Today was a morning of enema,water with my lemon and MSM capsules. I felt so alive and clean as a whistle. I am starting to like the 1 large grapefruit with 3 medium oranges and 1 teaspoon of Vita mineral green added to this citrus combo drink. Now today I added fresh coconut water to my citrus drink and the hubby makes a smoothie or fruit dessert with the coconut meat. He likes to take fruit ,coconut meat and blend and eat.
How I feel today....
I have been doing lots  of me soul searching for what I need in myself to make me a better raw foodie gal. I am doing tons of  reading different books while ingesting info on the http://www.juicefeasting/ site too. Here is just a nice bit of info to my Juicy days in a one days time. My insides are very happy juicing and it's really really hard on the chilly days, but I make my warm tea and add the extra ginger to my teas. And I bundle up with warmer clothing. Doing this juicing now and not in the warmer weather is a testimonial that juicing can be possible with cooler days and nights. I just need to keep on going and no stopping. I know the stopping just ends the detox, and again all mental in the mind. I have been doing better planning on at least 1 day ahead vegetables and fruits I need to keep me making my yummy juices.

Today I juiced .....

32 ounces of lemon water with the MSM Capsules. Then I had some rest time after my enema,this is what I like to do anyhow.I do drink lots of water all day long. Water the best thing anyone can feed themselves and too many people forget to drink plain old water. Water the most important item one can ingest.
As said I actually started with  24 ounces of Grapefruit,oranges,coconut water from 1 coconut and a teaspoon of Vita-mineral

 made another 32 ounces and 1/4 C of ....Whole pineapple juiced with spinach,romaine,cucumber,cilantro,parsley,2 radishes,jalapeno and ginger.

I then later made celery,cucumber,apple,radish,parsley,kale.This is another green clean drink.

I have come to believe in order to start making a GREEN juice start with  celery,cucumber,ginger,lemon and go from there adding any other combo, because quit frankly drinking cucumber,celery,ginger and lemon is pretty good all by itself. I keep trucking to Seattle to get my Organic goods and its all worth the drive.

In the evening I had coconut water with more Vita mineral green added . Simply Divine. Tea, Tea and more warming tea.That was my day of juicing.

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