Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 5 Juice feasting and a scam on Craigslist

I have busy weekends,so I probably won't post on the weekends too often. I am not someone whom stays online much. Yesterday Saturday I had a local craft event to attend .We have a chili cook off at a local Civic center and about 50 vendors . I made sure I made juice the night before. I don't like juicing the night before ,but it's too hard juicing before heading out for a craft event,so what works for me is what I do. I have been starting with warm water and a teas or 2 of ACV instead of lemon,just to change things up a bit.

 green juice made of  :
32 ounces of romaine,celery,cucumber,kale,lemon,apple.....Yum green lemonade with cucumber. Yummy stuff

Another 32 ounces was cabbage,green apple,and lime. Makes a good cleanse

I also came home and had some vegetable broth all night long and ended my night Saturday with wheatgrass.I don't own a wheatgrass juice ,but what I do is put water and the wheatgrass in a magic bullet and drink the greens with water,and again It works until I get myself  a juicer that does wheatgrass.

Sunday was a total clean house extra bedrooms and all.Yep I did this on Sunday. I had a heck of a day today....after cleaning I put 2 items on Craigslist. I then downloaded Craigslist on my I-phone as a APP. Now here is some important info......I was a potential scam victim tonight. A woman was selling a motor home CHEAP, but I caught on FAST. My hubby and I left for some errand stuff and I was checking Craig list on my Iphone at around 10 minutes to 5 pm Pacific time and a ad that came online at 4.24 Pm caught my eye as a misprint. Here is what it said.....

 First off $2,900  I thought misprint ,so I wrote to the WOMAN,( well coming online as if a female.)

Anyhow these are 2 e-mails I got in my response to the ad on Craigslist:

1st e-mail  to me. Thanks for being interested in buying my Rv!It`s in perfect condition,no scratches,damages, never been implicated in any accidents, it has only 44,000 miles and the price is $2,900.It has a clear title, free of any liens or loans. Because of my divorce settlement,i own this Rv and as a woman without driver`s license i don`t need it so i`m trying to get rid of it as soon as possible (that`s why i`m selling it so cheap). We will use eBay`s Vehicle Purchase Protection plan for our both safety,i want only legit transactions.Let me know where are you located,maybe we can organize an inspection.
Have a great day!

2nd -e-mail- to meThe RV is at the shipping Jeff City,Mo sealed and ready to ship it,as I got a new job and moved here to start over.I have a contract with eBay so the deal must go through them.I'm very busy with my job,so I can't meet you in person,reason for why I chose to sell my RV online.
If you want to continue,I will need your name&address.After I receive your info,I'll forward it to eBay and they will send us both invoices.eBay will instruct you on how to make a refundable payment.They hold the funds until the RV is delivered to buyer,inspected and until he confirms that has received the RV in it's described condition.According to eBay you have 5 days to decide if you want to keep,and if eBay should release the money to me or not.If for any reason you won't like the RV (I don't see that happening) eBay will refund you and I will instruct the shipping co. to store the RV until I find a new buyer. It's not necessary to ship the RV back. If you want to buy it,please send me your info so we can proceed.

Thank you,here is my number(573 298 4807)
   After this second e-mail I simply never responded back.
A motorhome at $2,900 and I had 4 photos and I simply at first thought this was for sure a misprint ,but when they said what you see listed above ,again I got smart, took the phone number and did a reverse phone number request check,via google and several other people in the last week has had the same scam in different parts of the USA, and this person hasn't been caught yet . Craiglist has been contacted, but the E-bay part is bull too.

As for my day........Juice of Greens all day...Romaine,Swiss chard,Kale,Spinach,celery,cucumber,pear,apple,ginger,lemon.......Pretty green but 64 ounces of this......

I also took Organic whole  watermelon from Whole foods ,Cinnamon and mint Juiced....Super delicious.

Ended with Coconut water and Vitamineral -green

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bitt said...

Weird scam. Hopefully people will realize that if it's not on ebay, it's not sold through ebay.

Enjoy the juice!