Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 3 of my Juicing Adventure

I was the biggest crab yesterday,I was in no mood for anyone.  I have been doing enemas along my journey and I am thinking this is what's up,not sure though. I just know I had a horrible day yesterday and chose not to write yesterday! Now today is better.

Today I started with some warm water and 1 Teas.of ACV.Then after that I had my 2 kelp capsules. I also changed up my day and had purple cabbage,and granny smith apple and lime Period all 3 items.That is in order to cleanse what I had a few days ago with the hubby.

I am in  a battle with myself. I am glad I have overcome coffee (gave this up 2 years ago),diet sodas also 2 years ago, and I think mentally I am fighting with myself with issues of the Holidays coming up. I know I don't want to participate ,yet feel torn on how to handle those Holiday times. I feel almost that I am becoming closed in with myself,a scrooge almost. It's better to not be around food when juicing,that's the way I feel.Call it wrong ,but thats me~R

Oh let's hope all gets better in that department. I am just saying things as I feel it. Today is sunny,chilly,but I am in no mood for exercise. And I am just chill'in out,reading. Here is what I am reading at the moment:

I am really enjoying both of these books because they are so knowledgeable on cleansing,especially when juicing .

Today I made these juicy juices:

Water all day long*

24 oz  Purple drink 1 medium Purple cabbage, 2 granny smith apples,1 lime

32 ounces of vegetable juice made with : cherry tomatoes,celery,
carrot,cilantro,jalapeno,kale,red onion,basil,lemon and 1 teas of hemp oil

32 ounces  worth of Green Drink~lg romaine,celery,cucumber,granny smith apples,1 lime

2 cups of balancing vegetable broth to keep warm
2 cups of Chamomile tea

It's hard to get in all my liquids.


bitt said...

Are you taking a bit of hemp oil daily? Important for brain health on a juice feast.

Lucy said...

Keep on RAWkin' it girl!

DianneRawGirl said...

I just started Hemp oil after reading about how good it is.So good hearing from you.