Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Starting Over Day 1 Juice feast all over again~

Well I must admit I went wrong a few days ago. I indulged into a salad with hubby and it was not here at home it was a Chipotle . I had a Romaine  salad no meat (heck no),however it had sauteed vegetables (onion with green peppers),lettuce, corn (dumb move) and the vinaigrette that they supply. All items are fresh ,but who cares when I was juicing , RIGHT~Why did I give in and let my mind take over in such a way! My body eliminated it that day once I arrived home. Loose stool which was to be expected happened. I am not giving up. I owe this to myself to succeed in my journey. An enema is on schedule today first because of my dumb move. I am starting juice day today with citrus  and Vitamineral green.  Maybe this will flush the other yuk out of me.

              Today I juiced :

2 grapefruit, 5 small oranges,1 teas. of Vita-Mineral green powder-Yummy stuff together. This made 18 ounces. It was a good start to a :

 64 ouncesThen for the rest of my day I had Romaine,kale,cucumber,celery,apple and lemon

ended the night with pure coconut water from 2 coconuts.Hubby makes a pudding or smoothie for a snack for himself.

"New beginning"

True Love is one thing that every heart makes a wish for,
It is something that you would want to give to one and all,

It is the only hope for a better tomorrow,

The only reliever for all your pain and sorrow.

It establishes a connection between your body and soul,

Gives you so much joy and happiness that you crave for more,

When you experience it you listen to the divine music that is so sweet to hear,

And you tread the long path of life, together without any fear.

Then the world down here means nothing more to you,

Coz what you wanted all your life is now with you,

You don’t have to strive hard to remain in the state that you are in,

Because now you are already reborn with a new life- "A new Beginning…"  by Nandini

Attitude and how one FEELS have a HUGE effect on the body. If we FEEL good, and actually believe what we're eating is good for us and that it will make us lose weight, it will!

So, attitude, and flooding ones body, one's spirit and mind with POSITIVE energy and GOOD FEELINGS no doubt have MUCH to do with weight loss success.


bitt said...

Do you think you ate the salad because you were too hungry? Just curious the thoughts and feelings you were having.

DianneRawGirl said...

Yes, I was without juice so I crumbled and gave in.Now I am pissed with an attitude , but I will continue.