Monday, December 5, 2011

Juice Feast Day 36 of my 90-120 days

One of my many green juices I make with being on a juice feast!

I never get sick and tired of making juices . I make my own juice recipes and I have several recipes I get from a few books that I like On being Penni's "Raw Food Cleanse" and Cheri's "Juicing for your health". I tend to get most of my recipes from these two  (2) books if I am not making up my own recipes. Green juices however are my choice of choice,so what I do is take a recipe in Cheri's book for example and add dandelion,romaine,spinach,kale or Swiss chard to add more greens to make any drink more green .I back off on most fruits in my juicing also.
Now I am going to jump to this past Friday and Saturday. I had my last craft show and two(2) gals from came and visited me and I was an inspiration to both of them. Can you believe that an inspiration to someone else.I will say 1 gal has been eating  raw foods less them 6 months and the other gal was only on her 92nd day eating all Raw. Yippy  to both of them. How amazing is this if it wasn't for Raw food rehab I would have no idea there are others who live somewhat close to where I live.

Here is my Day 36 Juice feasting video....People it is 1:40 am and I am off to bed ....Holy moly!

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