Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today is Juice feasting day 38 of my 90-120 days ...........

I was so surprised when I got my package of Chaga so fast from a gal who was selling her purses as I sold my soap at a Holiday Craft show we both attended. I can't believe how by sharing info with another stranger essentially she was to me-But she sent me some chunks of Chaga(originally the chaga) is  from  her home town of Japan is where she got this stuff . I wanted to make this video and share what I received in my mail as right now she lives several towns away from me. Anyhow I will make another video a few days from now when I have more tome to make a nice tea with my Chaga. I will share that later.

As for today I did another protocol today - I am taking the next 3 days and add Jameth Sheridan's Healthforce  Healing Cleanse Level 1  as I continue my juicing cleanse. It is a 3 Day intense pill cleanse as you drink(in my case) my meals . I can do a 3 day up to 30 days with this kit. I chose the 3 day intense way! I will let you know how it goes.The day is half over and so far so good.

I made a juice in my AM of- Green juice- Cucumber,1 bunch celery,1 fugi apple,1 zucchini,1/2 bunch cilantro, 1 handful dandelion,1 lemon

- Magenta colored juice--My next juice was a sweet one( part of my cleansing )-grapes, red cabbage, granny smith apple. I chose this drink as I am doing a internal cleanse naturally and the cabbage always works well -if you know what I mean.......

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