Monday, March 28, 2011

Starting my Juicing days -Day 1

Oh Oh,is it that time again. I am so glad that Winter is ending and Spring is beginning. The weather may not feel so much like so here in the Pacific Northwest but we have too many rainy days and this gets real old real fast. I am spending my beginning days with myself by taking it easy and see what happens. I have been eating raw food with vegan meals too, but my passion is to become a full raw eating human being. This is a testimonial to myself. I think Vegan seems to be much easier although I will be concentrating on my ever day and every meal putting nothing but tea, broth, juicing into my body and take 1 day at at a time. Today I sipped on a juice made from :

beetroot and greens,broccoli,kale,romaine,cucumber,celery,lemon,ginger.And check this out I have been making rejuvalac with winter wheat berries:
Now what I do is make rejuvalac and put in into the refrigerator,then what I do is  add rejuvalac into my juice and my water at about 1/4 C  2-3 times per day times a per day. If I don't wake up to 32 of oz. spring water with lemon or ACV, then I add rejuvalac into my morning water. And I must say I really like this every morning. Switching out the rejuvalac, for lemon,or the ACV makes each day good, and I don't get boring tasting the same old lemon water every AM.Some mornings I will actually start with Wheatgrass then wait 1 hour before having my first juice of the day.

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