Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Juice feasting Day 2 on a roll

What a day,we are back to wet yucky weather. I have the hardest time because when we juice our body gets colder. I was hungry but made more juice Juice feasting is this:

What is Juice Feasting? 
“Juice Feasting” is quite simply put, feasting on Juice! Very exciting things happen when you do this.
You may have heard of “Juice Fasting” or “Juicing,” but this is something quite different. “Juice Feasting” involves drinking large quantities of plant-based juices  that you make yourself, right in your own kitchen, using nothing more than a blender and a nut milk bag. (You don’t even need a juicer to do this.) I happen to use a Brevelle, however I squeeze the pulp in a nut-milk bag, and usually get about 2-3 more ounces since Breville juice's tend to leave the pulp wet.I like using mine because you do get to make juice quit fast,clean-up and all~
Juice Feasting is a nutritional protocol where you replace all of your meals with freshly-made vegetable and fruit juices. So instead of eating cooked food, processed food or “instant” foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you drink delicious raw juices throughout the day. There’s no deprivation, no heavy fasting and no starvation. You can drink unlimited quantities of all the fresh, delicious juice you want!
This provides every nutritional element needed for human consumption, and yes juices provide your body with plenty of protein (amino acids). (Raw vegetables are loaded with protein (amino acids). It’s only when you cook them that the protein is destroyed.) Plus, it delivers literally thousands of disease reversing phytonutrients, including many that are well documented to reverse cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, arthritis and many other conditions.
If you want to you can consume super food supplements or high-grade nutritional supplements targeted to your specific health needs. Juice Feasting doesn’t replace your supplements; it replaces your unhealthy cooked food with nature’s most delicious, drinkable food!

Today I started with Wheatgrass and 1 hour later was 32 oz of water and  1/4 C was the Rejuvalac. I stuck with Lemon water, with Cayanne as if to be making  the "Master Cleanse" recipe, for most of my day. My second 32 ounces was my beet drink with: Beet, Broccoli,Kale,Cucumber,Apple,Lemon, and Ginger....I LUV this drink~
I also drink lots and lots of Water and tea in and out of the day.

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