Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 22 juice feasting

After last night I filled 2 of the bottles that I bought for Kombucha, I have to say I am in heaven with my 2 flavors that I made. I tasted both and I love them. I love them so much that I poured a bit from both bottles to test them today and then I topped them off with the original batch that is on its 9th day of brewing,and so far left the 2 bottles on my counter. 

Left over batch of Green tea  Kombucha

Two bottled up teas I made below. Light batch but I used 
8 teabags of Organic Green Tea. My brew spot is my Oven :-)
Oven light is on for the photo so I think the tea seems lighter that it really is.
Notice my newer self made Scoby that appeared on the top.The bottom of the jar has 
some older stringy stuff from the other scoby I got ,(but fell apart.)

17 ounce bottles of homemade Kombucha.

Both have a dehydrated pear in it for flavor, and the red one has
two flower hibiscus in it for more flavor.

I am heading on the road today and when I do that I take an insulated  lunch box
unit to take my water and juice. If I leave without juice I have a juice making place 35 minutes from my home. I have done that before but not today.
In this juice today I have : Kale,Celery,Cucumber,
Celery,Red pepper for sweetness, Lime and Ginger  

We have the sun out today and that makes me come out of my yucky feeling syndrome. I will say I  think the whole USA has wacky weather except parts of the South like Texas. I hear California only is 67 degrees today and that is abnormal. All I know is Raw is my life, Juicing is my longer goal,and keeping on track is my happy place. 

I am back to walking daily as my back still gives me issues if I walk too long. So off I go and enjoy the sunshine.

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bitt said...

Nice job on the kombucha!