Monday, April 25, 2011

Ok ended my juicing on Friday.........after 26 days

Car is packed and ready for a private picnic,
way different from the average Easter Day.
I did what I could,that is all I can do with the juicing. I took a break with orange and grapefruit and coconut water all day Saturday. But no,no, 
no  I did not eat a traditional Easter as many have done .Oh no I will share with you some photos of my Easter Sunday. This is what my husband myself and all 3 dogs did......... We got in the car and headed North in Washington on the Peninsula, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and community. Almost went to the farthest tip of Northern Washington State, but not quit.
3 dogs in the car ,with the sun shining,and that's
a plus on Easter in Washington State.

Four Raw Nori wraps with Pistachio (Raw)used as a spread. Topped
 with celery ,red pepper,cucumber,carrot. Then made a dip
 of Nama shou and honey with grated ginger in it.
Oh my what a great taste. Salad in container with stuff
added got eaten later that night.

Making the nori wraps on site,it was like camping.

Here is the dipping sauce-yummy.

We took a drive to Port Angeles,which is about 50
 more minutes from this site we did lunch at. This salad was eaten later
 in Port Angeles as we sat in the car and looked at the water.

Looking out at the water. One hour 10 minutes
from home and its cloudy.

Looking at the Hood Canal bridge as we sat and ate
our Raw Nori Wraps.
After eating the Nori wraps the Salad you see in two photos above was
 eaten later that evening about 6 pm. I made a lovely mango dressing to top
off the salad. We added kelp noodles cut up  and that  made the salad have a great
texture change that we will make again. This day really was a nice different
calm day, that was awesome.

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bitt said...

congrats on 26 days! quite an accomplishment. glad you had a delicious raw meal to celebrate with.