Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 6 of Juice feasting....

I want to start off by saying yesterday was a super busy day and that's why I didn't get on here yesterday. My hubby and I left our home approximately 1 pm and the day was beautiful and a blue sky with light wind. I had to go into Seattle to pick up some soap products and some organic goods to make some juices. However once we got over the Narrows Bridge and headed north the sky was dark ,and  pouring rain on and off all the way into Seattle. Parts of Seattle got sunny and the ride home was more pour down rain episodes. And guess what we came home to a sunny sky, but I will say about an hour went by and we did get a tad bit of rain once we arrived home. I was a good girl as I look in the car some Coconut water ,1 juiced orange ,1 juiced grapefruit  and 1 teas. of Vitamineral green. I love this drink it is a winner!
Juice I made in my AM -Midday~My V-8~ALL ORGANIC produce

* Whole Stalk Celery
* 1 large Cucumber
*Broccoli Stalk 
*2 Red Chard
*10 large basil leaves
*Trader Joe Tiny red and yellow baby tomatoes
*3 Small garlic
*Parsley (good amount)
*1 large carrot
*Burdock root about 10" long(bought at Asian market)
*Small Spinach bunch-------I use my Breville,BUT I take the pulp and put in in a nut milk bag. Oh My I actually got 8 more ounces this time around ,which is the most in ounces I ever have gotten from squeezing my pulp.

This made 1.5 mason jars~ I really like this one too.....So Many good ones I am happy with.

When I first started raw in October of 2008 I never intended to eat organic in my beginning adventure, although the more I learn and the more I eat raw, I know know I am doing the body good. Some items I get at a Asian market such as Young Thai coconuts and Fresh ginger,and large stalks of Burdock root sometimes if they carry organic and the item looks good I buy some produce,but not usually will I buy produce at an Asian market due to non-organic. This is my first choice in buying juicing and eating my raw from here on out ....

Today is Saturday and I woke up and I made a lovely tea of: 1/2 bag 
frozen cranberries (saved from Christmas), 1/4 C gogi berries, of *2 Tbsp.* these next herbs: pau d'arco bark shaved, horsetail, licorice root, milk thistle, cats claw, nettle leaf,and 10 pieces of Reishi pieces about 4 "long: I put the teas to a slow 
heating ,turn the tea off and leave alone covered for about 5 hours and put into mason jars.
And here is a photo of the kind I purchased. I want to say this tea making then tonic making is a new path I am doing and I am loving this. Again I am newer at making teas but its very much a fun and good tasting adventure. 

Now I will take a break and hubby and I are heading to Olympia South of us , another 1 hour drive to fill our many containers and get the best water out of the ground you could ever imagine. I have been getting this water for at least 9 years. Oh my What a blah kinda day,not sunny but grey and just yuk. Yes you are probably saying that how can this be a natural spring in the middle of a parking lot. The spring has been here since 1914,so the built a city around this ..

Tonight is country music awards, my kinda music. Yet,country music is my favorite. Actually all music is fine but total rock is too hard core for me. So off I go and make me another juice.

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