Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 4 of Juice feasting

I have had a good 4 days. How really amazing is it to know juices can feed our body and with very good nutrition at best.

My goal is to take in 2 lbs of green leafy vegetables. I am ready to get back to exercise since I was having trouble with simple walking as I twisted my back on Monday March 7th. My plan is to walk at this time and slowly work back into rowing and using the elliptical machine. Right now I can not jar my back too much as I have slight pain if I move wrong or get pulled (By my dog's leash pulled that is):-).

Today I had 48 oz kale,spinach,celery,red pepper,lemon,burbock root,apple,pear and ginger

18 oz of oranges,grapefruits,into fresh coconut water with Vitamineral green

32 oz swiss chard, celery, cucumber, garlic, lemon, burdock root, apple and ginger.

Time to head to the store in Tacoma, where I can get local organic, although I pay more money there. I have to travel over 1 hour South to a Co-op with great prices or head to Seattle to PCC co-op and/or Whole foods. These runs take place either Saturday or Sunday.

Why I am juicing: The reason I juice is I feel the need to clean out unwanted food, lift mental clarity and remove toxic yuk that probably is in me as I am not the most perfect Raw food eating Gal. Although my goal is to juice and track what I eat and then change over to Raw recipes and tally the calories ,fat and carbs. Most people don't count these things ,but I know my body and the more I know about what my intake is the better I will  succeed.~

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bitt said...

Good for you Dianne! I have a question for you, will email you.