Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday we did Thanksgiving and I drank Juice and water~

Tuesday of this week my husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving....I juiced.....I took some video on Tuesday but for some reason when I download a video here It appears 2 times. I am wanting to add video,but it won't work. Our 2 boys wanted my Turkey and stuffing, so I brined the Turkey for all 24 hours from Monday am-Tuesday am . We then took the 20 lb turkey out to dry about 1 hour and tucked herbed butter under the skin. We added the turkey to the roasting pan,put it in a cooler with ice and traveled 1 hour to get it in the oven to our 1 hour am drive. the turkey was in at 11:20 am. All was perfect as the Turkey was finished at 3:45 .The sides went into the oven to warm,and all was done and all ate food by 4:30 pm or a few minutes after. I sat with my pumpkin juice and water and loved  all the power I had in me to not not eat anything ,nor care to snitch any bites. And that is a FACT~~~~
   Just went to the YMCA to get 1 hour of a workout in. I did some arm machine and a few sets of
 legwork. I continued upstairs to the treadmill and did 45 minutes of walk and slow jogging on and off. What a way to start Thanksgiving.
I have to put together some soap bags for my annual high school craft show. We set -up Friday mi-day and sell both Saturday and Sunday. I usually so pretty good at this high school and it's only 5 minutes from our house.
School set-up in 2010

same show other table view of my 2 tables
I think we are heading to see the movie Hugo in 3 D. I love movies at the theatre in the winter. I have no desire in the summertime  unless it's  absolutely hot outside and want to stay cooler with their air conditioning. So off I go to prep for my soap selling and go catch a movie...... Sounds good to me after I down a green juice.

Here is Video after  the TUESDAY Thanksgiving meal and my juice and water I had!

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