Saturday, October 30, 2010

13th Day of Juicing.....

Today as usual I started with warmer water,lemon juice and 2 MSM Caps. My first juice of today was kale,beet,broccoli,rainier apple(yellow),ginger,2 radish. Speaking of radish ,I was interested to know why folks add radishes into their juices and here is the benefits and why radishes are good to use. Research has shown that besides vitamin C,calcium,potassium,radish also contains mustard oils that stimulate the liver to induce the gallbladder to secrete bile that aids in digestion and good nutritional absorption.

To relieve liver and gallbladder problems: squeeze the juice from radishes into any juice you prefer in order to keep the intestines clean and working properly. I was glad I looked into this issue. When you are only juicing and not eating foods keeping the inside working properly is a must. My future drinks that I will be making will have more radish listed. Here is one drink I will make from here on out:

  • Carrot Radish Beet Lemon Detox Juice
1 large carrot,10 radishes,1 apple,1 beet
the juice and also the grated zest of 2 lemons , add up to
1-1/4 C Natural clear water of choice. I like natural spring water.
Juice the first 4 ingredients. Add the lemon juice and zest.
(I don't usually use water in ANY drinks ,but this is a harsh one)

Vitamin A is essential for healthy,radiant skin and you'll get it in abundance from carrots in this juice. The bonus comes from the radishes-their natural constituents stimulate the cleansing functioning of the liver,making this the perfect juice when you've been a bit overindulgent or your digestive system seems sluggish.

I want to share how I shop for my juice makings. I shop ORGANIC and I live south of the city of Seattle but shop at the "Whole foods" and the "PCC "above in the photo and that is 15 minutes beyond Seattle. I know this may sound nuts to some of you. I happen to live away where it's quiet and serene with the natural pine trees that Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is know for. It may be green but it's also very wet most of the time too. Like right now,very wet. What I did was head to the local Fred Meyers grocery because they carry organic. I had a list of items Fred Meyers was first on my drive 1/2 hour away. I have a closer Fred Meyers but the organic is not the same and variety as the one 1 hour away. Then it was into Seattle- now I was 50 minutes to the PCC organic store,and down the road about 5 more minutes was "Whole foods". I did this purchase in that order because I want my money to go farther. Come on, we have all heard "Whole Foods" is known as

Whole Paycheck*. Have you heard that before? So today with the three receipts I spent around $70.00 and that was good because I have gone to" Whole Foods" alone and everything there would have cost about $110.00. I know, I have been that route before. I love Whole Foods but don't like their prices. This will be only about 4-5 days worth of goods and I will be heading back to Fred Meyers or another local Marlene's Natural Grocery which is 1/2 hour away also,and a tad expensive too. So back to Seattle either Saturday or Sunday and do the shopping all over again. We use the husbands work car so his work pays the gas. It's his car ,and we are charged and taxed monthly to use it(company car).
The rest of my day I drank this:
  • Green juice of ~Swiss chard,apple,celery,cucumber,parsley,ginger
  • Red Drink of~ beet,kale,broccoli,apple,lemon,ginger
  • Coconut water (12 oz or so)with 1/2 teaspoon Vitamineral green
  • Water, water ,and more water in and out of my day~


ishKiia said...

Hi there sweetie.... this blog is looking fantastic!!! thanks for sharing your experience with us. supporting you all the way !

Lucy said...

Hey there! Yes your blog is gr8!!! Congrads!!!

bitt said...

Hi Dianne, great blog! I love the GREEN.

Trader Joe's might have a few things if you can swing by one. They have organic fruits and some vegetables. The prices are much cheaper but the quality is not always as good. The cheapest lemons are there too. Good luck!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for the info on the radishes!!!!!!