Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is Juice feasting day 18 of my 90-120 days ...........

Yummy juice of several things in here:
 Kale,Spinach,swiss chard 1 huge leaf,burdock root,
celery,cucumber,fennel,zucchini,4 skinny asparagus, 2 granny smith,lemon,ginger.

I am so amazed at what vegetables can be juiced. I really can only drink 2-2.5 liters of juice and plenty of water in my day. Right now I am using a Breville juicer. I like the Breville because it is a fast juicer. On the downside the Breville leaves the pulp large and I end up squeezing my pulp and get anywhere from 1-5 more ounces from the pulp. I wish someone told me in my beginning of using my Breville to tell me --SQUEEZE THE PULP- My first juicer 3 years ago was a used Champion that I bought on
 Craigslist, andI still use my Champion for raw ice cream......

Now what I am waiting for is my Omega J8600 juicer.  I used a 20% off coupon at Bed,Bath and Beyond. The store orders it and it will be 2 weeks. Any day now my new juicer will be here.  I chose that one because the pulp will be dryer,it juices GREENS better, and it will juice wheatgrass,and I love wheatgrass. I love it's flavor(many don't),and I love how it mends the body. Eat Raw it does a body good!!

Not much to say today as I read and read and read blogs,books,videos and there all on juicing or body  health.
I hope all my days will continue as they have,because I feel great and I am back to exercise ,and my clothes are feeling looser.

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