Monday, November 7, 2011

Juice feasting day 8 and 9 of my 90-120 ...........

 This was another nice calm not rainy day in the Pacific Northwest and that is a great surprise. I make handmade soap and lotion and with our economy I slowed selling my soaps at craft shows. I would of sold at a show on Saturday November 5th however I chose to not go. If I would of gone it would of been a nice dry day. Oh well, we took that nice walk instead. I am so happy with myself thus far on my juice quest. I know it is my beginning ,but I find myself constantly thinking of nothing but what this is and will continue to do for my body. Let alone lose several pounds.
Yummy mid -day V-8 drink

My hubby broke this glass(after I washed it)
 as it sat clean on my counter!!

After my lemon water after I woke up I made some juices.This is my what I call
V-8 juice:
3 Roma tomatoes
1 slice red onion
2 celery stalks
1 clove garlic
broccoli stem
4 thin asparagus
8 fresh green beans
romaine leaves- 4
zucchini-1 small
cilantro -1/2 bunch
swiss chard-1 huge red leaf...........It's amazing how 1 garlic clove is very tasty in a juice,try it it you haven't done so.

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